What is PPC Marketing.

PPC is a very important part of digital marketing which allows you to promote your website through paid advertisements in SERPs. It is also known as search engine advertising.

It works on following pay per click (PPC), that is, the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on his ad

 A platform called Google AdWords is provided to run Google ads.

Here are some advantages and uses of PPC as follows-

1. By paying per click, you can display your business at the top of the search results in the search engine results page.

2. You can get quick results and quick results with SEM. As soon as Google reviews your ad, your ad will start appearing at the top of the organic result. The minimum time for review is 1 minute and the maximum time is 24 hours.

3. It is easy to track the activities carried out by search engine marketing and to measure and analyze. You have complete control over data, reports and analytics.

4. AdWords gives you targeting opportunities. You can get new target audiences on your own. So that the return on investment (ROI) is better.

5. There is no limit on the keywords you use for optimization. It has the advantage of optimizing millions of keywords in pay per click.

6. You have the right to create and optimize multiple advertisements for your business at the same time. It helps you create instant messaging to showcase your offerings.

7. It displays various types of advertisements such as image ads, video ads, banner ads, text ads, animated advertisements (Gifs).

8. It gives a good option to analyze your own competitors in your niche to stand at the top of the game. Search engine marketing gives you a branding that can drive traffic to your website and also lead to conversions. Here you control your ultimate objective by defining what outcome you seek.

9. Pay full attention to your budget. So that you can start with a very low price minimum budget. And the interesting part is that you do not need to pay Google to display your ad, you only need to pay per click on your ad.

10. The most important benefit you can get through SEM is "reach is high" You can show your ads in SERPs, Apps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Play Store and millions of Google Partner Search Engines.

11. You can re-edit / modify your ads, play and also pause it at any time.


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