Top 5 Benefits of Digital Advertising for Small Businesses

A small business without a digital advertising strategy is like a car with no driver.
Sounds like an exaggeration?
More than two billion people are expected to make their purchase online by 2021. This huge figure includes both products and services. Looking at numbers alone, there is a large audience online that your small business can tap into.  With the right digital advertising strategy in place, your business can really see an increase in results, whether that’s sales, leads or something else. All digital marketing company making strategy to provide best service in digital world.
We’re about to discuss some of the different digital advertising campaigns you can have, but the overarching key-point is here is that you want your campaign to align with your goals. For example, we wouldn’t recommend investing all of your ad budget into a campaign that grows your followers, if your biggest and most immediate goal is online sales. 

Digital Advertising Campaign Examples
1. Email Campaigns
Email campaigns need to be a must for small business advertising campaigns. At the forefront are email newsletters, which are very easy to set up. You place an opt-in form on your website so potential customers will know the latest updates about your company. These sign-ups are usually integrated into websites courtesy of email service providers.
The other type of email marketing campaign is a drip sequence campaign, which is a little more complex. This campaign works if you already have an active, existing email list or customer list.
Drip sequence campaigns allow your emails to be automatically sent out based on certain actions the user did or did not take. An example of a drip sequence campaign is if someone added your product to their online cart but didn’t check out.
2. PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
PPC ads have become a common and effective digital advertising strategy, but they can also be very expensive. In short, PPC allows your website to rank in the top paid search engine results for certain keywords people are searching on Google.
As for the ads format, you can take advantage of creating video ads. Based on a recent study by IAB’s 2019 Video Advertising Spend Report, video ad spend continues to grow. In fact, it has increased up to 25% this year. And also, 86% of marketers worldwide use video ads for their PPC campaigns. That’s how effective it is.
3. Content Marketing
Content marketing is a great option to drive traffic as well as engagement. In this campaign, you can use almost any kind of content that you have. you can go with blogs, infographics, videos, and more. 
The primary driving force for your content is your blog post. So each post needs those quality long tail keywords that will drive traffic and leads. The key is to come up with and use great keywords. You can come up with these on your own, or you can use tools for finding great keywords.
4. Social Media
We all know the power of social media. It offers unmatched reach that other platforms find hard to rival.
Also important is the exact social media network that you want to focus your efforts on.
Do you want it to be on Facebook? Or maybe you want it on Twitter? Our advise would be to spend some time researching your target audience to see which platform they’re active on the most!
In Social media optimization, you may be organic (unpaid) options, or it may be more of a “pay-to-play” platform. Regardless, we’d recommend setting aside an advertising budget to help you accomplish your goals on social media.

Benefits of Digital Advertising 

1. Cost-Effective
Digital advertising is cost-effective, especially when you compare it with traditional advertising, which is much more expensive. For small businesses, cost is understandably a big deal. They need to be very careful on how and what they spend their budget on since their resources is limited.
If you are an owner of a small company and you decide to go with traditional advertising such as print ads, billboards, a TV commercial etc., then you better be ready to spend.
2. Fast and Easy to Plan
Digital advertising also offers the advantage of being fast and easy to plan. The same cannot be said about traditional advertising, which has to be planned way in advance. It can take weeks or even months.
With digital advertising, that is not the case. The turnaround time it takes to set up a digital advertising campaign is so much quicker than that of traditional marketing.

3. Easy to Keep Track
As digital advertising is easy to plan, it is also easy to track. If you want to know something or anything about your ad campaign, you can find out from your digital ad campaign instantaneously.
Yeswe are talking about analytics here. And you ought to use it to see what is going on with multiple aspects of your ad campaign. For example, your website has a regular email newsletter, and you want to know how many people are opening it on a regular basis.
4. Easy to Update
Since digital advertising is easy to keep track, it follows that it is also easy to update. That is extremely helpful if you want to make any changes to your campaign, both major and minor.
With traditional advertising, you cannot make these kinds of updates. There is no turning back once you send out your ads, so to speak. 
5. Targeted
Digital advertising is targeted. This means that you have absolute control over who actually sees the ad. And perhaps more importantly, you can make sure that your ad is only seen by those who are really interested in it.
You can target relevant keywords that parents would be searching in Google around your product, or you can target parents of toddlers directly on social media! 
Another obvious but added benefit of going digital is that it has unlimited reach. You simply cannot beat it because you can be located anywhere on the globe and still reach everyone you want to sell your products or services to.
There is no secret to getting it done. All that is required is a hardworking team that understands what it takes to succeed, coupled with the right knowledge.
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